A new platform.

An undiscovered stage.


What is the Stagey Fund?

Stagey is an incredible opportunity for creatives to receive support in the process of producing their ideas. We invite emerging and established arts organisations and individuals to apply for the opportunity to receive support in bringing their ideas to life. What we do greatly depends on the needs of the artist - we help to produce your idea, for example by assisting you in securing funding, developing an online presence, finding a venue, marketing it, and using our extensive network of contacts to fill a whole range of needs. We want to support artists with incredible ideas, and give audiences the opportunity to experience and engage with groundbreaking new work.


What are we looking for?

We're looking for fresh, new, innovative, current, forward-thinking ideas - particularly ideas for theatre, music, live art or performance. But don't let that limit you, as we also accept applications for other arts projects, organisations and movements. We want something that excites us. Something that makes us take a step back and say, "wow!" We're all about thinking big, but more importantly, thinking big about the future. We're trying to find ways to 'redefine the future' - doing the research, looking back at the past, and using what we learn to consider the potential of what might be to come.


Purpose and future

We each have a skill, most of us have many skills. Stagey relies on the skills of practitioners working within the industry to contribute to the development and realisation of groundbreaking, original work. Through an extensive range of contacts and experience, Stagey makes use of the resource of human knowledge and expertise, bringing collaborators together to create work that challenges its audience, and the arts world. Stagey currently receives no 3rd-party funding, though in the future it's hoped that we will be able to make our practice more sustainable. We're keen to support students and recent graduates seeking emplyment by offering them the opportunity to collaborate with artists in the development and realisation of their ideas.