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Stagey is starting a funding revolution, that's all about sharing the skills that can bring the money in, rather than giving the money itself. Just follow these simple steps and we'll let you know if we want to help you to make your idea happen!


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Come up with a fantastic idea, and then do your research! We're looking for great ideas that merit the chance to be seen by the world.


You're ready! It's time to submit that application form! Click on 'Apply' and fill out the questions. If you have any questions, we're here to help, so visit the 'Get in touch' page to find out how to contact us.


We'll get back to you shortly to confirm that we've received your application. If you've given us a time limit (perhaps you have a date fixed for a show), we'll be sure to respond to you in advance to let you know whether you'll be getting your hands on a Stagey website for your project.


We'll let you know if we've accepted your application. If we don't think it likely that we'll be letting you in on the Stagey Fund then we'll let you know. If you don't hear from us, it probably means that we're still considering your application but don't currently have the resources to take it on. We may do shortly, however, as we reconsider previous applications at every round of selections. Visit our 'Get in touch' page or email us to give us a push.